The majority of U.S. coastlines are being threatened by sea level rise at an alarming rate. Architects are now more engaged in a discussion about managing the “retreat” of entire communities from vulnerable coastlines. But the language they continue to use is perpetuating a top-down approach.

Sea level rise and…

Originally published in ‘3C: Comprehensive Coastal Communities Playbook’ in 2013, by ORLI. Re-Edited in March 2021.

I found myself going out to stand on my front stoop a lot on the night of October 29, 2012. We lived in a flood zone but chose not to evacuate, like many of…

Great piece, Michael! I'm so glad to see that you have transitioned to yet another challenging role! A question I have is if Juno is considering applying their model to the rehabilitation of existing buildings through adaptive reuse? It could mean a lot in the race against the climate crisis, and perhaps Juno is well-suited to research this.

Daniel Horn

NYC-based architect at ESKW/A who focuses on sustainability and long-term community resilience. Co-Founder of ORLI+, an emerging resilient design consultancy.

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